The Benefits of Personalized Adventure Travel Planning

What type of adventures appeal to you? The kind where you push your body or your mind? Adventure travel is not one thing to all people. Some people would be thrilled and exhilarated to raft down a river in Colorado. For other people, that’s a regular weekend activity. Not too adventuresome at all. Those people might love to try hang gliding or sky diving, while for the former person, this is tantamount to committing suicide. Obviously, these people’s definitions of adventure travel vary greatly.

That’s what’s so great about it, though. You can tailor-make a vacation to fit your wants and needs. You just have to know what you want, and where you want to go. Write up a list of the top ten or so things you want to experience in your life and that will get you started as you look through all the fabulous opportunities out there for adventure travel.If you want to really get outside your personal comfort zone, there are any number of adventure trips you can take that will do that. You can try bicycling along the Tour de France route or hiking fourteen miles in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. How about zipping at 30 miles per hour on a wire line strung between two trees in the jungle, catching air on your snowboard in a Super pipe or white water rafting on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon? Parasailing, riding in a bi-plane or piloting a fighter plane, and rock climbing up a sheer canyon side each provide different thrills too. If you’re out for thrills, think carefully about the extent of adventure you’ll really enjoy.

Does this sound like too much adrenalin for you? Floating overhead in a hot air balloon while watching lions stalk prey on the plains below or walking through Cambodia’s Angkor Thom, where temple ruins nearly smothered by giant trees, are gentler styles of adventure travel. So is walking on trails through the Amazon jungle looking at parrots or catching sight of caimans (types of alligators) sleeping on the river banks at night. To the more laid-back person, this is about adventuresome as you can get.

Adventurous trips are not necessarily something that puts your life at risk. They are travels that change you, enchant you and ensure memories for a lifetime. Some travelers go for the physical thrills and the opportunities that stretch a body’s physical capabilities to the utmost degree. Other travelers would rather use their minds, eyes, hearing and cameras to enhance their experiences.Each person’s definition of adventure travel is unique. What’s yours? Just don’t go on a trip that has activities that you would never participate in. Remember, what is adventuresome to you, might not be to someone else. If you’re still deciding, call up a few travel agents for ideas, or visit your local library for exotic places to visit and things to do. Scour the web for packages and deals, and before you know it, you’ll be having the time of your life, doing what you’ve always wanted to do.

Adventure Travel Ideas to Switzerland

With its beautiful and varied landscape, Switzerland is a heaven for tourists. The country, also a leader in adventure travel is flocked by adrenaline junkies all-round the year. Read on to know the adventure travel ideas in Switzerland.


The country has over 60,000 km of marked hiking trails, which test one’s physical fitness. No matter whether one chooses to walk or trek, there are enchanting views of flower-filled meadows, alpine landscapes and forests. The best time to go on hiking is during July and August. The activity is possible all-round the year around cities, towns and villages. However, one needs to take guard against snow and blizzard during the activity.Visit a suspension rope park

Visiting suspension rope parks is increasingly gaining popularity among tourists in Switzerland. These parks have zip wires, pendulum swings and wobbly bridges. Most travelers fear heights. The parks are the perfect way to overcome this fear. The parks introduce one to climbing safety equipment. Fixed Rope Park on Mount Rugen, Forest Fun Park in Zermatt, Baschewari Rope Park, Cube Active Rope Park, etc. are some of the famous suspension rope parks of the country.


Everyone dreams of flying. Swiss adventure travel is incomplete without paragliding. It is a great way to discover and feel the beauty of mountain peaks of Switzerland. Interlaken, Valais, Bern and Graub√ľnden are some of the great paragliding destinations in the country. The experience is really exhilarating and awe-inspiring.


Very few countries in the world offer skiing facilities like Switzerland. Most of the ski-fields are connected, allowing tourists to visit from one ski resort to another. The skiing experience is truly mesmerizing. Many tourists simply sit high up on the mountains and enjoy the surroundings.


For long, the country has been a hot spot for canyoning. Interlaken, in the Swiss canton of Bern, is one of the best canyoning locations in the world. With its surrounding mountains and lakes, the setting is perfect to enjoy some great thrill. For less than 100 Swiss Francs, visitors can have a great canyoning experience.Ice Climbing

Ice climbing is another enthralling adventure activity for tourists. There are guides to help visitors in their journey. With ice axes, ropes and other equipment one can start climbing the glacier and enjoy the panoramic views of the surrounding areas.

Many travel portals offer exclusive adventure tour and travel packages to Switzerland that helps one to explore the country’s beauty and thrill to the fullest.

Backpacking Adventure Travel

If you are looking to take an adventure travel lasting a day or two, or over a long holiday weekend, a backpacking adventure travel may be a perfect solution. This type of adventure travel is usually easier to plan and will give you a nice break away from your everyday routine. Before you begin, you first have to decide how long you plan on being away.

If you plan on being gone for one single day, a daypack would satiate, but if you plan on going on a multi-day adventure travel, you would need to go for backpacking. With both these types, you would have to keep in mind a few more things. For example, the backpack for your backpacking adventure travel should come with sturdy shoulder straps. In addition to that, your backpack should also have enough padding and curves. This helps to keep your collarbone safe otherwise it would chaff it.Another thing that must be understood with backpacking is having good zips. The zips should be strong and durable. And to make things easier for you, always try to opt for zips of the larger size. These types are always more reliable. Your backpack should also come with a good waist strap. And why is that essential for you? For the simple reason that it takes much of the weight off your shoulders and as such your shoulder would not get tired easily.

And the last thing that should be kept in mind before choosing your backpacking adventure travel is that the material of the backpack must be of the highest quality. You should not compromise on quality just because of cost. The consequences could be very problematic. Just imagine what could happen if the backpack gave out in the middle of your adventure travel.

So, you have got yourself a decent backpack for your backpacking adventure travel. Now the next thing would surely be getting an idea of the things that you ought to be keeping in your backpack. The very first thing that you should always keep in mind is that never in any case forget to take the maximum possible amount of water with you. You should also not forget to maintain sufficient amount of iodine tablets with you to treat the water you get while on your adventure. It is not possible to carry all the water that you would need during your travel and you are bound to use water from outside, and as such, iodine tablets are a must.You will also need to transport food with you. If you pack each of your meals separately, you can save a great deal of space and you would be taking just enough food that you will need. In addition, you will also need to take some clothes. If you are planning a multi-day backpacking adventure travel, you have to take enough clothes with you to regular changes. You should also bring a good pair of shoes and do not forget a sleeping back and/or a tent.

Keep in mind that your preparation will greatly depend on the location you choose for your adventure travel, the type of terrain and the weather conditions for that area. Be sure to perform as much research as possible before you leave for your backpacking adventure travel to ensure you will an exciting and memorable experience.